Our Team

Jeff Boles-Owner

In September 2023 my dream of one day having a career that combined my passion with my personality came true by taking over ownership of Ocala Dive Center. As an introvert there are no words to describe the feeling I have when I am under the water!

In 2018 my wife and I started a small dive company “Tri-Trox Scuba” to give back to our church in East Orlando.  I continued to work full time and ran Tri-Trox as an act of service donating our profits of $5700.00 back to the community.  

In September 2020, my family and I moved to Ocala for a new career opportunity.  Little did I know that I would be living out my dream less than three years later because as of September 1, 2023 my family and I took over ownership of Ocala Dive Center.  

A little bit about my diving history.  I became a certified diver in 1995, a divemaster in 1997, and a NAUI instructor in 2002.  My passion for diving increases with every dive.  

A little bit about me personally.  I am a christian and believe, “To whom much is given, much will be required (Luke 12:48)”.  My wife Anna and I met both having lost our first spouses at a young age.  We combined families in November 2016.  I am a dad and have three amazing daughters.  I enjoy spending time with my family, watching movies, boating and any day I get to be under the water is a good day!

Bill Foote-Founder

​My name is Bill Foote.  I was the founder and previous owner of Ocala Dive.  In 1991 I stepped away from my corporate job to one that has provided me with a lifetime of adventures.  After 32 years as the owner it was time for me to go on to my next adventure… retirement! 

I continue to serve the Ocala Dive Center as an advisor and stop into the shop about once a week.  I love catching up with former students and I look forward to our next dive!